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Keep it Lean

When you engage CTI we will not bring large expensive consulting teams. We do however bring relevant functional and industry expertise that helps the business create quick results through targeted and specific improvement efforts.

Our industry background allows us to interface with and engage business owners and teams instantly and productively. We speak the lingo and do not need to learn the business first. This translates into faster results and valuable time saved.

Most projects follow a simple 4 step model. We put particular emphasis on collecting facts and validating assumptions. We prefer to observe and capture the reality as it is experienced by people both inside and outside the organisation. When relevant we engage with customers, existing and potential, to create an outside-in assessment of the existing business.

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We firmly believe that success in driving and managing change depends on how we engage and involve the organisation from the outset. Change management should never be an afterthought, something that is only considered when roll-out is approaching.

To ensure a project’s success, we will work with and alongside the team during the roll-out. Our industry background allows us to integrate seamlessly in any functional capacity. The value for the business is smoother change and faster results, with a keen focus on sustainability.