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Procurement Excellence

Procuring the right components at the right price for your products will directly result in an increased competitiveness for your business. But often components are purchased in a silo-based fashion, and then become sub-optimal in terms of how they fit to a true end-to-end product.

At CTI, we can assist you to build Procurement Excellence within your organization through deploying our consultants with many years of experience in this field, both strategically and also tactical. Our primary focus areas are:

  • Creating true cost transparency and accuracy
  • Understanding cost drivers, both direct and indirect
  • Building Total Cost of Ownership models and mindsets
  • Best in class benchmarking
  • Making optimal use of e-Procurement tools and methodologies
  • Driving RFQ’s
  • Implementing high quality Contracts and SLA’s

We can assist you to achieve true end-to-end Cost Leadership, laying that important initial corner-stone upon which competitive and robust products can be built to win in the market-place.