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Achieve world-class sales performance

To be effective, a sales performance solution should be tailored to the commercial reality of the business it supports. At CTI we possess cutting edge knowledge of modern sales performance management, and most importantly we know what it takes to implement it successfully in a maritime organization.

To us, sales performance is more than setting targets and measuring results. It’s about continuously optimizing activities, skills and processes and it’s about removing bias and perception from the sales process and replace it with facts and science.

Our sales performance activities range from quick assessments to large-scale transformation projects and can include:

  • Sales process design - Implementing an effective sales process is the most important step a business can take toward improving sales performance
  • CRM effectiveness review - increase value from your investment in CRM through our effectiveness review
  • Sales competence assessment - Do the sales organization have the necessary skills to succeed? What sales skills should be developed? How do we take sales training beyond the classroom?