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Strategically deploy your fleet efficiently

In an industry with massive fixed costs, designing and planning a network efficiently is key to operate with the lowest possible fixed costs. The deployment of ships on trades starts with the company’s strategy, management deciding how to allocate ships to each trade. The Strategic planning process clarifying how company assets are best use.

In addition to new or revamp services’ business cases, we provide cutting edge technology to optimize a liner network at the strategic planning level. The network optimizer allow to take qualified decisions by comparing scenarios and performing multiple what if analysis to determine how ships should be deployed. Once the plan is validated, the art of the game is to execute the deployment plan and deploy assets in the most efficient manner.

CTI offers the full scope of deployment, and perform the following tasks:

  • Trade business case
  • Design an optimal network
  • Create a detail deployment plan
    • Vessels surplus/deficit list
    • Phase in/out plan
    • Services schedules

At CTI we have many years of hands-on experience and a unique product to assist you on trade management & network planning from strategy to execution.