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First Liner Serious Game

There have been numerous studies and scientific research projects conducted which reveal deep insights into learning retention statistics. Whereas there are some micro-differences between these various different studies, the common conclusion is that learning through doing is the most effective way of learning new skills.

LinerGame ™

The LinerGame ™ is an interactive, learning by doing, simulation of some of the many complexities associated with efficiently running a profitable shipping line. The game is played with ships and containers constructed from LEGO ™ bricks, to highlight to the participants some of the wicked problems faced through processes which are perceived to be simple – and the impact of the interdependencies between these processes.

This makes the game ideally suited to multiple levels within a liner shipping company, its Customers or its vendors. It can be deployed to train those who are on the early steps of their career in container transportation, those traversing the mid-levels and also those at senior executive levels, as insight training, process improvement revelations or simply just as a team-building exercise.

Employees feel more engaged and contribute more when they feel that they are provided with opportunities to learn new skills and become integral members of a team. Despite the structural assets of a shipping line being the most expensive, the most valuable assets are in the human capital – people make the difference in any service industry.

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